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A surgery loan is useful for many circumstances. Whether you need it for an operation, or you need it immediately for an emergency after an accident, this surgery loan comes in handy for a myriad of purposes. It can also be used for aesthetics, such as plastic surgery.

Frankly, the surgery loan comes into the same category as the medical loan with some slight differences. The main difference is that the surgery loan is not used for paying medical bills and outpatient visits like consultation and treatment. It is not used for a general advice by a medical doctor. The surgery loan is only used for treatments involving surgical procedures.

Incurring medical bills can be very physically and emotionally dreadful if you do not have the sufficient financial means to manage the expenses properly. Unless you are a high income earner, with other expenses on your monthly list such as the daily food and transport expenses, housing and even maid to pay for, medical bills can drain off your financial capital very quickly. But a surgery costs even higher and makes it worse. This is why you definitely need a surgery loan to help tide you over your finances temporarily. Also, your medical health insurance you have obtained from a financial planner, and even with a CPF Medisave, are not enough to cover your surgery costs as they tend to be 10 times more hefty.

No one wants an emergency to strike anytime, whether it is a sudden car crash accident or a sudden cardiac arrest. In recent days, a woman in her late 30s was hit by a tree at Woodlands while jogging. A surgery loan can be useful in such situation to help remedy the situation as much as possible. Though it is too late as death occurred by the time rescuers came, a surgery loan can be of helpful need.

Like the typical medical loan, the surgery loan can help to pay off the expenses of a family member due to surgical treatments. If your father suddenly suffers a fall and needs a hip surgery urgently, a surgery loan taken by you can help to pay off the expenses immediately. Also, as it can be some few months before you can claim your medical or health insurance from insurance companies, the surgery loan provides immediate cashflow in this aspect too.

Another usefulness of the surgery loan can be applied to plastic surgery treatments. Due to the hype up in social media, especially Instagram, and the wave of Korean pop culture, many young women seek plastic surgeries to appear more beautiful. Such cosmetic treatment includes double eyelid surgery, breast enhancement, nose thread lift and liposuction. With such a hefty cosmetic investment, it is better to take up a surgery loan to cover such a heavy expense.

To get a surgery loan, it is best to obtain from a licensed moneylender. It can offer you flexibility in the loan tenure and a smoother and faster process of surgery loan approval. But it is must apply only to surgery related loans.

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